She's Happy V Steam

She's Happy V Steam Organic Herbal blend


These fine Organic Herbs are hand-packed with love. We took it back to the ancient times where there was no medicine or toxic chemicals for vaginal health.  These herbs are a one-stop shop in improving vaginal health.

The main herbs that are used are Rosemary, Plantain, Red Rose Petal, Mugwort, Motherwort, and red raspberry. We chose this extravagant blend as each herb has its own role and benefits for vaginal and overall Health.


Fights infection through its antimicrobial and antifungal properties balances female hormones and stimulates the production of hormones that help to maintain uterine health. Can help aid the uterus from abnormalities such as ulcers and tumors. Also helps to stimulate menstrual discharge and ease cramping.


Astringent, tonifying and cleansing, motherwort strengthens and relaxes uterine muscles, eases uterine cramping, and may help with uterine fibroids. Motherwort also stimulates uterine tone.

Rose Petals

A relaxing, uplifting, and astringent herb that smells delightful, and softens the skin. It is known as the “vaginal facial”.

Red Raspberry

Toning to the uterine muscles.


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