Our Story

She's Happy V Steam was founded by, myself ,Lashondrea Clark. A woman just like you ! Im gonna share my story with you to let you know you are not alone!
It all started  when I had over 7 OBGYN visits in one year. Not only did I have chronic BV, but I had constant severe cramping and stabbing like pain in my girly parts. No one could tell me the cause! They would only just load me up on antibiotics and Tylenol. I then grew tired of it, as the prescribed medicine only grew into constant yeast infections. It appeared to be a never ending cycle.

The Break Through: I started doing my research on natural remedies for feminine care. I came across remedies such as vinegar baths, yogurt tampons and so forth. Those ideas sounded silly to me. I then stumbled across an article called "Yoni Steaming". Yoni steaming was something the ancestors practiced and it made sense! I did my homework on the power of herbs! It was all up hill from there. I bought a few herbs and boiled them in an old pot. I let the pot cool and then speeded my chaps apart and sat over the steam. I was a bit uncomfortable sitting over the pot, but the moment that steam hit my labia, something hit me. I could feel my vagina get tighter. I felt her get soaking wet. The air was filled with happiness and the smell was wonderful. The feeling was so euphoric .I was smiling from ear to ear. After 1 use I noticed all my period pain was absent and I had no vaginal odor due to BV! I continued to steam every week on Sunday. I knew I reached a true game changer. I then decided to modernize the practice and behold.... We have She's Happy V Steam.

“Become A Better You”